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Why Choose VortexNode?

VortexNode.com we strive to offer quality web hosting. We also have seen and experienced issues with other web hosts with our websites in the past and vow to never allow this to happen to our customers. We promise the following to our customers and prospective customers.

Our Promise

To Be Honest and Transparent

We promise to be 100% truthful to our customers and vendors.

Quality Support

We will honor our promise to offer the best quality support to our customers. We strive to respond to every support with the best solution for the customer and for the other users with our services.

Blazing Fast Web Speeds

We promise to have the fastest hosting possible for our clients. Slow sites = loss in views and profits.

Our Background

VortexNode was founded by Joshua Combs from Cincinnati, Ohio in 2013. He has loved technology since he was in 2nd grade his first experience with a Windows 3.1 machine sparked an lifelong interest in computers and seeing what they could do. During his high school years he started to learn about websites and designing them for him self. This was during the period of the big dot com era but was not ready to jump into web business yet. After years of being involved with forums, Josh decided to start his own web hosting business and VortexNode was born.


In September 2016, VortexNode became part of Linovus Holdings Inc, a Canadian based IT services business. Backed by a seasoned team of professionals, a full time team of staff now supports VortexNode and its customers, you are safe in our hands. You can find out more about Linouvs at Linovus.ca

Don't Believe us that we are fanatical about Customer Service? Try us and find out! .

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